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Scott Freeman


GROWING UP: Rickey Henderson

Scott Freeman is a successful entrepreneur who has founded multiple businesses which currently employ over 500 employees, primarily in Houston and Austin. A huge fan of a number of sports as well as the outdoors in general, Freeman resides in Houston with his wife and their four sports- playing boys. He is also an active member of St. Luke’s Methodist Church and volunteers his time with multiple philanthropic organizations across Greater Houston. In founding Houston Wildcatters, Freeman’s goal is to give back to the local community by granting underprivileged youth the ability to play a sport that has become increasingly difficult to participate in at elite levels due to limited public access to baseball fields, coaching, training, and equipment.

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Director of Operations

Jeffrey Wise


GROWING UP: Ken Griffey Jr.

Jeffrey Wise is a native Houstonian and entrepreneur. He began his career in 2005 in the oil and gas industry, which led him to eventually start his own business in 2009. After owning his business for 13 years, Wise decided it was time to explore new ventures. He has always been passionate about sports, particularly the game of baseball, and he ultimately decided to shift gears to move into working in the baseball field (literally and figuratively). As Director of Operations at Houston Wildcatters, Wise incorporates his knowledge of business to support the growth of the organization and its athletes. He resides in Houston with his wife and two children.

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Director of Fundraising  

Blake Parker 


GROWING UP: Ken Griffey Jr.

Blake Parker, a former Texas 5A high school state champion in baseball who has maintained a passion for sports from a young age, additionally played baseball in college at the University of Oklahoma. Away from the diamond, Parker developed proficiency in the fields of Energy Management and Finance. After graduating from OU, Parker ultimately shifted from Oil & Gas as a career path into sports in 2016 and has since been able to leverage his knowledge of the industry and its vast network to secure valuable corporate sponsorships for various college athletic programs, most recently the University of Tulsa. His love of baseball – something he has always maintained – ultimately led Parker to move to Houston to not only take over the fundraising efforts for but also help facilitate the brand strategy for the Houston Wildcatters. With his experience both in playing sports and working in sales in the sports industry, Parker is uniquely positioned to lead these efforts and is excited to continue making a positive impact on the lives of elite young athletes in the Houston area as part of the Wildcatters.

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Executive Director

Stefen Breeding


GROWING UP: Ken Griffey Jr.

A graduate of Elsik High School, Breeding went on to play at the collegiate level at several different schools, including San Jacinto Jr. College, University of Houston, and Houston Baptist University. Breeding then found his way into the corporate world but maintained his passion for baseball. While involved in his professional pursuits, he stayed involved in the sport through coaching, private instruction, and umpiring over the course of 25 years. Combining his experience in business with his baseball acumen, Breeding is adroitly able to navigate all facets of the game both on the field and operationally.


Social Media Manager  

Brooke Johnson 


GROWING UP: Ken Griffey Jr.

Brooke Johnson serves as the social media manager for the Houston Wildcatters. In the role, her mission is to build and maintain a sense of community in order to connect fans and supporters with the brand. As Houston Wildcatters grows further in stature, Johnson will continue to seek out ways to deepen the relationship between the organization and its audience vis-à-vis the social platforms she manages on a daily basis.

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